Enrollment Questions.

Everything to know about enrollment.

Do I need to come to your office to complete enrollment?
No, you don’t. You can either email or fax enrollment forms. We will review the information you provided and come to you to complete initial orientation at your home.
Where should I submit the enrollment forms?
You can email them to: enrollement@lafamiliahomecare.com.
Where are your offices located?
Our offices are located in Washington Heights and Brooklyn. But you would need to make an appointment in order to come to one of our offices. However, in person appointments are not required in order to sign up.
How long does it take to be approved?
Typical approval process can vary between 2 weeks and up to 3 months. It depends on how fast your insurance company provided an approval.

CDPAP Explained.

All You need to know about CDPAP.

How do I know if I am eligible for the CDPAP program?
If you meet these 3 requirements listed below – than you are likely eligible!
  • You have Medicaid,
  • You Live in New York,
  • You require help with daily activities.
  • Who can be my caregiver?
    You can get the care you need from someone you know and trust. It is your decision.
  • Your child,
  • Your relative,
  • Your friend.
  • Where is LaFamilia HomeCare available?
    It is available in every county in New York State.
    Do I have to have Medicaid to qualify?
    Yes! You must be a Medicaid recipient to qualify without exception. But if you don’t have Medicaid but believe that you are eligible, please call 718-397-0000 to get information. We will put you in touch with one of our trusted partner vendors who can provide useful information on how to get Medicaid. Having just Medicare is not enough coverage to address your medical needs.
    What if I have both Medicare and Medicaid - am I eligible?
    Yes! You are eligible to apply since you have Medicaid.
    What if I only have Medicare — am I eligible?
    No, you are not eligible since you don’t have Medicaid. You must have Medicaid. Again, if you think that you might be eligible for Medicaid, then please call 718-397-0000 to get helpful information. We will put in you in touch with one of our trusted partner vendors who can provide useful information on how to get Medicaid.
    What if I don’t have Medicaid, but I think I might be eligible. What do I need to do to obtain Medicaid?
    We can certainly help you. We will put you in touch with our trusted partner vendor who already helped people like you to get Medicaid.
    How to qualify if I believe that I require care?
    Typically if you need help with such routine daily activities as shopping, cleaning, bathing, and personal grooming then it’s a good chance that you’re eligible.
    Therefore, a Medicaid nurse and/or a nurse from your plan could determine how many weekly hours of care you can get when this nurse visits you at home.
    Are there any restrictions based on the types of illnesses that are approved?
    No, there are no restrictions. As long as someone already has Medicaid and requires care, that person meets qualifications requirements.
    My parent is already getting home care some days of the week. Can I be their caregiver the rest of the time?
    There are several important points that you need to understand.
  • LaFamilia HomeCare CDPAP and regular home care are mutually exclusive.
  • The insurance company will require you to choose one program.
  • Once you make your program choice, then this program will be used for all of your care.
  • LaFamilia HomeCare will not add hours to a member’s plan of care.
  • For instance, let’s assume that your caregiver is approved for 5 days of care. This means that they can get 5 days of care either through LaFamilia HomeCare CDPAP program OR a home care program. But not through both programs.
    Who can I choose to be my caregiver?
    You can choose as an example: your son, daughter, grandchild, relative, friend neighbor or existing home attendant. It can be anyone except your
  • Legal spouse,
  • Designated representative (the person who makes home care decisions for you),
  • Parent (if you are under 21).
  • Could LaFamilia HomeCare CDPAP replace the current care services I get?
    Yes, you just need to choose the CDPAP by LaFamilia HomeCare program instead of the current homecare you may already have.
    Is there any cost involved to get enrolled into the LaFamilia HomeCare CDPAP program?
    No! You pay nothing to get enrolled! This is a Medicaid-funded program hence you can enroll without any cost to you.
    How do I switch from another CDPAP agency to the LaFamilia HomeCare?
    Please give us a call at 718-397-0000 and we’ll help you with the process.
    Is it difficult to switch agencies?
    Not at all. This is a very simple process. It starts with a phone call to our office and a brief conversation with one of our friendly specialists. She/he will explain what information we need in order to switch you over to our company. Just for awareness these steps are:
  • We need your physical exam results.
  • We need the patient to request the switch from their insurance case manager.
  • We will come to the house to sign you up.