Caring For Life
at LaFamilia HomeCare.
We change people's lives for the better
one family at a time.

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Monday to Friday
9am to 5:30pm.

325a Audubon Ave.
New York, NY 10033


391 East 149th St.
Bronx, NY 10455


Did you know that you can have a family member or a friend to care for you at your own home and they will get paid?
The choice is yours.
We will show you how to make this a reality.
Family member or a trusted friend of your choice will provide the care you need and deserve.
We are here to help you every step of the way.

Our Vision

In our world people are bonded through the care they provide for their loved ones.

Those who need such care the most – elderly, disabled and underprivileged are cared for by those closest to them whether it’s a family member or a trusted friend. We imagine a home care that allows for less anxiety and more tranquility. We are building a home care with less stress and worry but more care and love. We are building a home care environment where a person can feel secure, comfortable and supported. We are ready to help as if you are a member of our family. Join us.

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  • 325a Audubon Ave.
    NY NY 10033
  • 391 E 149th Street
    Bronx, NY 10455